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Holy Innocents offers members of the Highland Falls, Fort Montgomery and West Point communities many opportunities for community service.  If you are an organizer or just like to help, we have the service opportunity for you!


If you are in need of support - food, clothes, an ear to listen, a place of peace - we are here for you.

Canterbury Club-Campus Ministry


Holy Innocents provides a full-service campus ministry program to the cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Transportation to and from services, weekly on-campus meetings, trips and retreats are all available to cadets.

Sunday school/Nursery program


Elementary aged children are welcome to attend our Sunday School, religious education, which is offered during the 10:00 am service at Holy Innocents. Due to the ever-changing numbers of families with young children, our program is currently being taught by a rotating group of adults (parents, parishioners, cadets). Regardless of who is teaching, the children enjoy the lesson. They take active roles in the church service, especially around Christmastime and the Festival of the Holy Innocents.

Food Pantry


Held every second and fourth Wednesday each month, the food pantry provides for 30 to 80 families.


The Holy Innocents Food Pantry, supported by various funding sources, grants and donations from the community, provides from God’s bounty to over 300 residents of the local area. 


The Food Pantry has a thriving seasonal garden to help provide produce for our Food Pantry and parish family.

Thrift Shop


The Holy Innocents Thrift Shop sells gently used clothes for all ages and a wide variety of household items.  


The Holy Innocents Thrift Store is open for business Thursday from 9am to 1pm, and Saturday from 10am to 1pm.


Donate your gently used clothing, shoes, household items, linens, toys, housewares, and jewelry 


Sorry, we cannot accept televisions, computers, exercise equipment or air conditioners.


Donations should be in serviceable condition, and to be left inside the shed on the southwest corner of the parking lot.

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